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Eric Raines - Eric Raines has 8 years of experience in the business as both a superstar and staff of wrestling federations. He has been involved with famed e-feds IWF, UDWA, and is a judge of the RoughKut Tournaments at

Ash Bombay - Ash Bombay has 10 years of experience assisting int he operation of feds such as ASW, URW, IEW. Has a lot of roleplaying experience and a very creative wrestling mind. Will help develop gimmicks/angles or story lines if help is needed.

Color Commentator
Bruce Charming - A combination of his love for alcohol and flair for the dramatic makes Bruce an all-time favorite of everyone. He's also available to conduct interviews with DSW superstars.

Play by Play
Cole Trane - Cole is a former baseball analyst for a national cable network. He calls things strictly as he sees them. Never much flare thrown in by Cole, but an informative person none the less.

Ring Announcer
Harry Johnson - Harry gets a lot of ribbing for his name, but his voice is pure gold. Nobody can get the WIW fans ready for the upcoming bout quite like he can.

Lead Interviewer
Rocky Katzenmoyer - Rocky is a hard nosed, investigative reporter and a pretty tough character in his own right. He doesn't back down to anyone and is definitely not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Secondary Interviewer
Lisa Lips - Lisa is a knockout, plain and simple. Most men are really happy when she's out to interview them. She occasionally asks a dumb question, but she gets the job done. Besides, her salary isn't for her mic work she's there to look at.

Secondary Interviewer
Max Moon - Max is an idiot. He has no knowledge of wrestling or what questions to ask. His interview subjects tend to get sick of his moronic questioning before too long and dispose of him... choosing to speak on their own.

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