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1) This is an original wrestler e-fed only. Please use orignal names and angles when creating your wrestler. In other words, no Rock's, HHH's, Jericho's, etc. It has been our experience that using a wrestler who already exists doesn't require much creativity and as such isn't as much fun.

2) There is one card per week in DWS. As the roster grows, please note that not all wrestler's will be on every card. If you are unable to roleplay for a card, let us know before the card is announced whenever possible.

3) You must roleplay a minimum of once for each match you are booked for unless other arrangements are made. You win matches by roleplaying only. Angles may affect how the match ends but rest assured if we felt the quality of your roleplays were better you will win your match. Quality is the main thing we look for, but effort accounts for something as well. There is no minimum length for any roleplay... just do what you think you need to do to win the match. Failure to roleplay unexcused will result in your immediate termination

4) In roleplays, do not use another handler's wrestler. You wouldn't want someone doing this to you, so I'm sure you'll understand.

5) Do not use any type of slurs that people of any group will find offensive. If you do, you'll lose and get a warning. Do it again and you're fired. It's that simple. I have almost zero tolerance for ignorance. This means no racial, religious, or sexual slurs. If you want an uncensored fed, there are plenty out there. This is not one of them.

6) If you lose a match, don't complain about it in public. The owners will be more than happy to explain what you could be doing better to win, but don't bother other handlers with it. If you want to know how you can improve... just ask.

7) Limit of two (2) wrestlers per handler.

8) Stables must have a minimum of three (3) wrestlers in them at all times. If at any time your stable roster drops below this figure, your stable is defunct, and all wrestlers return to singles status.

9) This is a game, so the most important thing for you to do is have fun. If someone says something about your character, don't get offended. Remember, he's just trying to win, he's not insulting you personally.

10) Roleplay limits and guidelines are to be as follows:

A) Maximum of 3 Roleplays Per Wrestler, Per Match
B) Maximum of 2 Roleplays Per Day (not to exceed 3 total per week)
C) Maximum of 1 Roleplay Day of the Deadline

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