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Wrestler Name: Nasir

Hometown: Miami, FL

Entrance Theme: "Run It" by Chris Brown (ft. Juelz Santana)

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 210

Years Pro: 3

Frequently Used Moves
1. Top Rope Drop Kick
2. Top Rope Hurricanrana
3 Standing Inverted Hurricanrana
4. Stalling Moonsault
5. Pimp Slap
6. Shooting Star Press
7. Low Blow
8. Turnbuckle Arm Drag
9. Top Rope High Body Press
10. School Boy Pin
11. Flipover Suplex
12. Turnbuckle Bulldog
13. DDT
14. STF Submission
15. Flipping Clothelines Lariat
16. Standing Star Press
17. 450 Splash
18. Modified STO
19. Standing Kick Moonsault
20. Reverse Hurricanrana Pin

Finisher Set-Up: None

Finisher Name: The Sup3rstar

Finisher Description: Nasir stands atop the 2nd turnbuckle facing a groggy or stunned opponent. As the opponent gets closer to him, he leaps off the ropes catching the opponent in the tornado DDT position, he spins both himself and the opponent around and plants an inverted DDT.

History and Appearance: Nasir's usual wrestling attire consist of a pair of tight mid-thigh length black leather wrestling shorts. Similar to that of Shelton Benjamin or Jeff Jarrett minus the designs. He wears matching black knee and elbow pads, as well as mid-leg length black wrestling boots. / Backstage his style is a mix between thuggish and trendy. He might be found wearing baggy jeans with his boxers showing, big diamond earingfs, and a tank top, or dress pants with a flashy shirt and accessories. // Nasir Leon Valdez was born on the 9th, of May 1983, making him 23 (2005). He actually has been a wrestling fan since a young age, however thought of it as an unrealistic career dream/goal to pursue. He initially after graduating High School tried his chances as a model, and gained little notary, due to the lack of exposure for male models. However he did land a few commercial gigs, as well as magazine prints for ads and underwear. This obviously wasn't what Nasir had in mind though, so he soon decided it was time for a career change. He took a few months from working, living off the money he had saved from Modeling and Semi-Acting gigs, when he met Amarelle Bailon (His Now Girlfriend). They started talking and he was introduced to her friend L.B.K (Lover Boy Ken) who talked Nasir into trying out for wrestling. Nasir is still somewhat a rookie to the business being that he's only been doing this for 3 or 4 years now, but he has gained quite a bit of experience from watching veteran wrestlers, teaming with more experienced stars, and simply learning and training himself. He usually plays the role of a cocky heart throb due to his good looks and charisma, with his girlfriend Amarelle by his side.

Alignment: Neutral

Style: High Flyer (Jeff Hardy)