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Wrestler Name: "The Biggest Joke" Joe Soap

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Entrance Theme: 'Biggest Joke' by Goober Patrol

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 209

Years Pro: 8

Frequently Used Moves
1. Superkick
2. Reverse DDT
3. Asai Plancha
4. Stalling DDT
5. Hurricanrana
6. Running Enziguri
7. Reverse Swinging Neckbreaker
8. Release German Suplex
9. Missile Dropkick
10.Leg Scissors Pin

Finisher Set-Up: Don't Drop The Soap - With opponent sitting facing outward on the turnbuckle, Joe runs up and executes a back spider suplex before sitting up on the turnbuckle grinning.

Finisher Name: The Down & Broke

Finisher Description: A top rope or standing version of Mikey Whipwreck's Whippersnapper.

Appearance: Slightly on the trim side, Joe has kept himself in good condition these last few years, but isnt overly defined, muscle-wise. He has shoulder length dark brown hair, which he generally keeps scruffily administered on top of his head, or childishly up in bunches. Joe is clean shaven, with large expressive eyebrows, and dark brown puppy dog eyes that give him an air of innocence and simplicity. Joe is kitted out in purple mid thigh length shorts, with a green bar of soap motif on the back. He wears calf length white boots with 'SOAP' written in purple vertically, and one purple and one pink kneepad, purple elbowpads and one pink wristband. In the ring, he's topless, but outside, and during entrances he can be found wearing a home made piece of t-shirt merchandise with some kind of catchy slogan remembering bygone days.

History: After moving over to Britain to continue a promising career started in the States, Joe found success as a member of The C-Team, a comedic bunch of reckless misfits with their sights set on title malarky. Although great fun and bridging the gap from obscurity, inevitably the whole thing folded, as Joe's luck would have it, and he suffered setback after setback after setback. Regarded as a highly talented performer by some, and a laughing stock by others, Joe struggled to live up to the initial hype surrounding his prodigious wrestling ability. Somewhat hampered by his less than serious outook on life, and some poor career choices, Joe always came close, but never quite made it above the position of cult hero, Growing sick of the lack of opportunity he was finding, and frequently a victim of backstage politicking, as well as suffering a rather nasty fracture to his skull, Joe took some much needed time off to sort out his life. After months of time out, Joe returned to action, as a minor player in a number of promotions. Lacking the previous punch of his C-Team antihero, Joe went over a radical gimmick overhaul, which, in his portrayal as a severely depressed insomniac was dangerously close to the truth. Another broken bone later, and Joe was left stranded, as his comebacks stalled. Injured again, this time with damaged knee ligaments, Joe had a long long time out, and upon his return, found himself left somewhat out in the cold.

His C-Team glory days now long behind him, Soap's increasingly disenchanted nature began to shine through into his matches, giving the once appreciative crowd little reason to return for repeat viewings. Returning to the ring in a managing capacity for his old running buddy Chris Messiah in mid-2003, Joe reluctantly strapped on the boots as a jobber to the stars, but was released after only a few matches.

Now, at the ripe age of 29, the man once nicknamed 'SuperSoap' should be entering the peak of his career. He SHOULD have been a major star. But whether through his mistakes, or those of others, that hasnt happened. Injury free for over two years, physically Joe Soap is back to the standard of his 5 star matches of 5 or 6 years ago. Mentally, the 'Sub-Genious', that forgetful, lovable idealistic simpleton, has been through the wringer. Now, thanks to a blast from the past in the form of his old friend once-removed Chris Messiah, Joe Soap is back in America.

He's been washed up, but Joe Soap is back, whiter than white, ready to rebuild the legacy that never was. The ludicrously risky, innovative idiot 'savant' is hoping to be the feelgood hit of the summer...

Alignment: Face

Style: High Flyer (Jeff Hardy)