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Wrestler Name: Byron Buckler

Hometown: Tyrone, PA

Entrance Theme: "American Badass" by Kid Rock

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 287

Years Pro: 3

Frequently Used Moves
1. German Suplex
2. Belly-to-Belly Suplex
3. Double Arm DDT
4. Backbreaker
5. Flying Elbow Drop
6. STF
7. Standing Suplex
8. Reverse DDT
9. Sleeper Hold
10.Dragon Sleeper

Finisher Set-Up: Running Clothesline

Finisher Name: Buckle Up

Finisher Description: Jackhammer

History: Byron Buckler grew up in Tyrone, Pennsylvania and has always wanted to be a professional wrestler. When he was younger he used to watch all of the greats and wouldn't miss a show. By the time he was sixteen, he had already been well into weight lifting and was getting pretty big for a kid his age. He would lift constantly and some weeks he would be in the gym 6 days a week. The thing was that since he was spending so much time in the gym, he wasn't making many friends which leads to his loner mentality that he has now. He was getting impressive. At age 18, a Japanese Trainer Toshiro Yamasusho trained him. He quit after his first week of training because he felt it was too bad, but the lure of the ring was too much to keep him away for long. A month and a half later he returned and trained harder than ever. After he finished his training, he floated around for a while waiting for the right opportunity to present itself, but with a man of his skill and size he knew it wouldn't be long.

Appearance: Byron Buckler is 21 years old. He has tan skin. He has short black hair. Buckler is very muscular. The muscles in his neck and arms seem to be bulging. He just comes off as being very in shape with his impressive physique. He wears short black tights that have the letters ?BB? across the back in white letters. He also has a tattoo of a tiger on his back. He wears black boots that have a white "BB" on them. He also wears black kneepads and white wristbands. Byron Buckler has a black goatee. Backstage, Buckler could be seen wearing blue jeans with a black button down shirt. Also he would be wearing black boots and black sunglasses.

Alignment: Heel

Style: Powerhouse (The Rock)